Vanoss Is Awsome To Wach

This Week I Played Gary’s mod with Casper (used Skype for communication) ALL DAY (4hrs) and Watched Jack’s Septic Eye, Vanoss, and Video Games channel and Watched youtube video:  PVT plays (I was in the video!) and Listen to OP song Casper showed me and Watch videos and Ate lunch and Wrestled with Alfie and played zombie games and Played MC with Jesse- made a challenge world (Jesse beat it) and Played Batman for 2 hrs Thats IT!!!!!

Vanoss Is Awsome

this week i Cook noob and Watch videos and Play Minecraft and Thimgs and Be the future of MLG and Wrestled with Alfie and Watched trolling videos with Jesse and Take 2-3 hours off computers today to support Alfie and also i wrote about vanoss VanossGaming is a popular YouTube Gamer that plays a variety of games with his own personal commentary. His real name is Evan Fong. Vanoss was born on May 31st 1992. His channel mainly consists of comedy commentary gaming, which has helped him amass more than 10 million subscribers in 3 years. His subscriber and view count is rising massively, gaining about 12,000 – 25,000 and more subscribers a day. They are extremely popular and at one point, he was gaining more subscribers than the Most Subscribed YouTube Channels of all Time,PewDiePie. He has also been compared to PewDiePie, as they both have a similar style of gaming Overview of Vanoss

Evan Fong (a.k.a Vanoss) is a YouTuber known for his gaming videos. Vanoss is known to have a large group of friends and his videos rarely contain content without a friend involved or of playing a game with story, instead it’s mostly of his friends and him having fun & messing around. Most of his gaming content consist of multiplayer games like GTA V, Gmod, Far Cry 4, Call of Duty, and Remix songs. His large circle of friends include: Lui Calibre, H2O Delirious, I AM WILDCAT, Moo Snuckel, DathiDeNogla, Mr Sark, Silent Droid, BasicallyIDoWrk, Mini Ladd, fourzer0seven, Racingcatz, BigJigglyPanda, Terroriser, CaRtOoNz, missesmae, MeowMichelle, MsHeartAttack, and Ohmwreker. He has also played with, Sp33dy, Syndicate, SeaNanners, and MinnesotaBurns at one point in time. VanossGaming is a fast growing channel and one of the top 10 fastest growing channels on Youtube. He has met Syndicate, Seananners and TmarTn in real life as well. Although not confirmed, he is close with YouTuber H2O Delirious, with many fans calling them best friends. He is known to have one of the best well edited videos on YouTube.

An interesting thing to note about his channel is, unlike other big YouTube Channels, like PewDiePie, JennaMarbles, or Smosh, who are known to have a rather rabid fanbase as well as intense arguments in the comment section with haters & fans alike, the VanossGaming fanbase is one of the most, if not the most, positive fanbases on YouTube. Vanoss’ comment sections are filled with positive & friendly feedback and discussions, with arguments rarely breaking out. This is extraordinarily unusual for a YouTube Channel exceeding 10 million subscribers, indicating that Vanoss does a good job of delivering a positive upbeat aura for his viewers. His Personal Life: Vanoss is half Korean and half Chinese and was born and raised in Canada. He claims that he loved hockey and used to play. However, Vanoss has stated that he wants to make quality hockey videos in the future. Vanoss only revealed his face in a few videos, but his GTA V character greatly resembles him in real life. He is known to be a very calm guy as well as a great joker, but as much as he enjoys messing around, when Vanoss plays seriously, he is quite experienced